How Can a Card Access System Provide You with the Safety You Need?


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Attaching card to the electronic reader to access the office or apartment

How Can a Card Access System Provide You with the Safety You Need?

Workplace safety isn’t all about physical Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Your business’s security is just as crucial as your operations because a good portion of your business is dependent on how good your locks are—especially in Toronto and the surrounding area. Upgrading to an electronic card access system in Toronto can be a fantastic investment in your business’s security, as well as in the safety of your employees at the same time!

Know who’s coming and going

Moving to a Toronto card access system is a great way to know who’s coming and going on the property. Maybe you want your drivers who stop by the equipment yard to have to swipe their cards at the gate when they come to pick up material. Or you may want to have areas of your office or front doors not be public access and open only to employees. Each person you authorize to be on your premises would receive their card, which would log the times and places used to be reviewed later as monitored access.

If your locations frequently grant access to contractors or clients and you want them to be able to move around freely without needing a constant escort or after-hours, that’s simple as well. You can issue visitor or temporary cards to anyone you like so your workflow can stay steady without compromising your safety and security at all.

Avoiding the lost key nightmare

Unfortunately, all it takes to open a door is the right key. Losing your keys is always a pain, but it can also be financially painful with commercial lock systems. If an employee loses keys to your front door, you have to change your whole lock system and get new keys cut for every employee. Depending on the size and setup of your business, the cost can be genuinely cringe-inducing. Installing a card access system in Toronto can be a tremendous cost-saving measure! If an employee loses their card key, you can remotely remove that specific card’s access to the building and issue the employee a new card without worry.

Integrate your card access system with other security options

Some systems can be monitored off-site and give you access and control even from home. Other systems can work with a CCTV system for focused visual monitoring. It is something to discuss with a qualified locksmith company so you can get estimates and professional input on your space. They’ll be able to recommend the best available card access system in Toronto to suit your needs.

Switching over to a card access system in Toronto and elsewhere can provide the peace of mind that you and your employees need to succeed. If you secure your property with electronic access, you’ll be more focused on the jobs at hand and plan for future projects. You’ll always know who is in your space, and you’ll never have to worry if the last employee locked the door on the way out every night. Contact us for more details.

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