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We secure your commercial or industrial property with an Access Control system designed to limit and monitor the flow of people in and out of an office, school, warehouse, or any building.

A To Z Access Control provides Access Control Pickering and identity management solutions to suit all your needs. We are a trusted provider of innovative products and solutions for commercial and industrial customers across the Greater Pickering Area.

Access Control Pickering

 is in constant evolution. We always ensure that the fob key system architecture is up-to-date with compliance, functionality, and security changes. We are focused on innovative functionality, flexibility, and secure communication between devices.


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Access control is one of the most effective facility management systems. You will be able to access information on which entrance or exit a person used, who enters and when they entered.

Our team of experts specializes in installation of all kinds of Access Control Systems. We offer you  a personalized service tailored to your security needs and budget. Your satisfaction is our priority, high quality brands and state of the art technology are not spared to protect your property and assets.

AtoZ Locksmith Access Control provides Access control and identity management solutions to suit all your needs. We are a trusted provider for innovative products, services, solutions, and know-how related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for commercial and residential customers across the Greater Pickering Area.

Access control is in constant evolution. We always make sure that the access the control architecture  is up-to-date with changes in compliance, functionality and security. We are focused on innovative functionality, flexibility and secure communication between devices.

What is Access Control

Access control is controlling the access to your property or data. A good access control system guarantees that the users are who they say they are and that they have the right to access your facility and data.

Pickering Access Control System is one of the industry leaders in physical access control. We work with a variety of different access control systems for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Physical security is the primary focus of our access control systems. By increasing your property’s security, you can have peace of mind that your property is protected in the best possible way. Fob system is also, now, more cost-effective than ever. With the growth of the internet, cloud-based systems have dropped significantly in price. Our suppliers stock the newest models of Cloud Nodes, Door Controllers, and Request to Exit Devices with same or next day installations available in a lot of cases.

Access control systems are a type of security product that regulates who or what can enter a certain facility, or areas within a facility, or who can view digital resources. There are two types of Access Control Pickering:

  • Physical Access Control refers to who can enter certain locations. To enter restricted locations a person would need to use an intelligent, electronic means of entry, such as a card, fob, or mobile device, to gain access to the physical door opening.
  • Logical Access Control refers to Access Control Pickering for digital resources, such as networks, files, computers, etc.

Our Electronic Security Systems team specializes in personalized Access Control Pickering systems that you can understand and rely on. In addition, our systems can integrate with your facility’s video and alarm systems. We also offer a range of options to help prevent the spread of germs within a facility

Access Control Options & Support:

  • Single Door to Enterprise Solutions
  • Cabled or Wireless Access Control
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions with Data Plans
  • PC/Server Management Systems
  • Credentials – Cards, Fobs & Mobile Phones
  • Multi-Technology Card Readers
  • Biometric & Keypad Devices
  • Intelligent Locking Hardware
  • Turnstiles, Gates & Elevator Controls
  • Remote and On-site Technical Support

Adding an Access Control Pickering system to your facility is also one of the easiest ways to protect your facilities, employees, and other valuable resources. Access control systems can save you money over time, compared to standard lock and key sets! It’s much less expensive to remotely control one lost ID card using your access control system than it is to change all the locksets in a facility and reissue new keys to each person.


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