Q: What’s your service area?

A: Our Service area includes Toronto and all surrounding cities between Oshawa to Burlington and Bradford up north.

Q: What kind of warranty you provide for hardware and labor?

A: Our warranty for labor is 90 days. The warranty for hardware varies between manufacturers and is a minimum of 1 year and sometimes longer

Q: Do you have Insurance?

A: Our commercial liability insurance coverage is up to 2 million CAD

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Unfortunately, there is no licensing for locksmiths or security professionals in Ontario. However, we are a proud member of The Ontario Locksmith Association And The Canadian Security Association. The two most prominent associations for security professionals in Canada.

Q: Do you charge for an on-site estimate?

A: We offer free on-site Estimates for projects over 1000$. All other types of work can be estimated by sending us pictures and over the phone with very high accuracy.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We don’t have a physical location. We provide a mobile service only

Q: Do you cut keys?

A: We don’t provide a key cutting service, only for restricted high security keys for locks that we installed.

Q: Whats the difference between rekeying and changing a lock?

A: Rekeying means changing the combination of the internal pins inside the lock and creating a new working key. Eventually, the old key doesn’t work and a new key provided. If the locks are in good working condition and are of decent quality, rekeying is the better and a cheaper option than changing the locksmith

Q: Do you sell and install keyless locks?

A: One of our primary residential services these days is the installation of a keypad and key-less locks. They are very reliable and convenient.

Q: Do you cut and program automotive keys?

A: Our focus is on commercial and residential services. However, we work with an excellent and reliable automotive locksmith and send him all our automotive work.