Physical security is a top priority, protecting homes and families as well as business assets and employees.  Need to improve your security?  Most homes and many businesses do!  Most locks are economy models that don’t provide as much protection as most people believe. 

 You can find detailed instructions for lock picking and bumping on the web, and most keys are easily duplicated.  Even from just a photo or photocopy.  It’s surprisingly easy to get inside without any sign of forced entry.  You might not even realize you’ve been robbed until hours or even days later.

Standard keys have a 1-dimensional simple pattern that’s relatively easy to pick or otherwise trick.  But high security locks and their accompanying keys have unique features that resist lock picking, bumping, and drilling.  The locks are hard to defeat, the keys hard to duplicate.  Nothing’s invincible, but they make it too time-consuming and challenging to be worth even trying.  

High Security Keys And Locks Burlington are the norm for banks, government buildings, and military facilities, but they’re also common for hospitals, schools, offices, and other commercial buildings. Even homes. You’ll have added peace of mind with a whole new level of security.

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Each line of high-security locks requires uniquely shaped and specially cut keys. For example, angled cuts disperse the force of bumping and turn thousands of possible cutting variations into millions. Special patterns limit cross-keying while still allowing complex master keying. Keys are marked “do not duplicate,” blanks are controlled and tracked, and there are only a limited number of special patent-protected cutting machines. Need a duplicate or replacement? You’ll need to present an authorization security card.

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Besides exterior and interior doors, these superior lock technologies are available for padlocks, security gates, and other applications.  In some situations, an existing lock can be upgraded by replacing just the conventional cylinder.


Protecting Your Assets with High-Security Locks

Superior lock and key systems, created with additional safety measures, to protect you assets as best as possible.

High Security Doors Do all locks provide high security if you are the only one in possession of the matching key? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Only superior lock and key systems are created with additional safety measures in place to reduce the risk of picked locks or duplicated keys. Protecting your assets with high-security locks is your best safeguard.

The Benefits of Superior Keys

We’ve been serving the Burlington area with a full line of residential and commercial locksmith services since 2009. Some 80% of our business comes from referrals — check our reviews and you’ll see why. Once we’ve had a look you’ll get an upfront quote. Our services and the products we install are guaranteed, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Pin Complexity

Have you ever taken a look at the keys on your key ring? Chances are most of them only have pins on the outside. The unique combination of pins is what makes each key and lock different and secure. To provide superior security, a specially designed system will have pins on both the inside and outside of the key to offer an even higher level of protection.

Patent Protection

Various patents ensure end-user security because it is illegal to duplicate this kind of key without permission. Four utility patents and two design patents make each of your keys many times safer.

Key Bow

A wider and larger bow not only presents users with easier handling, but also extra stamping space if needed.


Thicker high-security keys are also stronger and more durable. The added thickness is another distinguishing quality of the products we produce.

Side-Cut Combos

Factory side-cut combinations are another way that we create an end-user product that is exclusive only to the dealer it is ordered from.


For quality control and to identify the origin of a key, associated end-user or dealer IDs are imprinted onto the product.

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