We would like to offer a 10% discount to: Senior Citizens, Students, and Crime Victims

Our Fair Price Policy

We always clear about our prices and rates and inform our customers of the price or a reasonable range over the phone. However, there are many different types of locks and door hardware, and there may be times when some unforeseen circumstances add more to the original estimate. In this case, we will always inform you of the situation once on site and let you know if there are any additional costs involved.

We believe and committed to a 100% customer satisfaction, we conduct our business ethically and honestly!

Unlike many other “locksmith” companies, we do not take advantage of our customer’s lack of knowledge in the trade, we charged fair, reasonable rates and committed to providing you with a high-quality service and hardware.

Often, will make suggestions that save you money and enhance security based on the information provided by our customers.

Why We Charge A Service Call(Whats included)
Our service call charge is based on the time of the day, your location and urgency. It includes the traveling time, insurance, vehicle expenses, fuel and based on the scale of the job the on-site labor as well.

Why other companies offer “lower” service call fees
When looking for a locksmith, you going to notice many companies who offer 10, 15, 19 or similar service call fee. This is a SCAM called “Bait And Switch.” Those companies will quote a low price over the phone (never a flat Price) to get you to agree to the service, and once the “technician” is on site the price will drastically change, and you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars more than what you expected. If you experience such a situation, we highly encourage you to refuse to pay anything and ask them to leave immediately. Always make sure you are getting a flat rate before dispatching or at least a reasonable range.