Think about how often your business’ primary entryway is used on a daily basis. What would happen to your sales if it was unusable for a day? Or, worse still, how would you protect your employees, your goods, even your intellectual property and records if it didn’t close? After all, a high-tech security system only works well when the doors themselves function properly. At A to Z Locksmith, we are dedicated to offering a full range of locksmith services to help keep those important places as secure as possible. If you’re looking for more or better means of protection for your North York home or business, we have the tools, training, and experience to help!


Commercial Locksmith Services

A door that doesn’t latch properly may seem like a minor issue, but it can be a major security risk. At A to Z Locksmith, we offer services to not only improve your business’ or facility’s security, but to ensure everything is working properly based on your use and needs. Want to improve security? We offer everything from high-security deadbolt installation to security access systems created based on your business’ requirements.

Even if you have invested in a high-tech biometric security system, it’s only as effective as the doors barring entry. At A to Z Locksmith Services, we can do more than help you improve your security through better locks and access control. We also have options for the more basic security needs; our locksmith team is well-trained in installing and repairing doors and locks to keep your business operating smoothly. This includes services like:

  • Panic bar repair and installation
  • Geared continuous hinges for high-traffic areas
  • High-security door lock repair and installation
  • Door closer repair and installation
  • Commercial door repair and installation
  • Master key systems

The A to Z Locksmith team is here to help keep your business secure from the ground up. Want to learn more about what we can do? Contact our team for a consultation.


Residential Locksmith

Your home’s security is just as important as your business—if not more. A loose lock or a key that won’t turn can mean a security breach that puts your family and all your treasured goods at risk. The A to Z Locksmith team can help improve your home’s security just as expertly as our commercial locksmith services. Give our team a call for everything from security lock repair or installation to keyless entry system help.

Whatever your North York home’s or business’ needs are, A to Z Locksmith can help. Contact us today to get started!