Toronto Lock Rekey Service

Moving in to a new Toronto home you’re not as secure as most people think.  Various real estate agents, contractors, and workers have had access to keys and an opportunity to make duplicates.  In fact, there’s frequently a master key that will open every door in a housing development.  Moving in to an older home?  Not just the prior owners but their friends, relatives, baby sitters, kid’s friends, and so on may still have keys.  Roughly half of all break-ins show no signs of forced entry, so many had a illicit key or were skilled at lock picking.

Similarly, Toronto business may need to make changes after keys have been compromised, after an employee is fired, or for a tenant lockout.

Fortunately there’s no need to go to the expense of replacing all the locks.  Re-keying is a more economical way to restore security without the higher expense and time of changing all the hardware.

Changing Locks

That’s not to say there aren’t situations where a lock change is a better choice.  You may simply want new hardware with a new look, or need a replacement due to damage or wear and tear.  There may be an inconvenient mix of different brands requiring different keys.  With a replacement you can get exactly what you want, including an upgrade to pick- and bump-proof high security locks.

What is Re-Keying?

Rather than replacing the entire lock, rekeying just changes the pins (sometimes called tumblers) inside the lock.  The length of each pin must match a corresponding spot on the key, so their selection matches new keys but old or stolen keys no longer work.

The process involves removing and disassembling the cylinder, replacing the pins, reassembling the cylinder, and re-installing it.  We’ll then test and make any needed adjustments.  Our skilled Toronto locksmiths can do all that quickly.  In addition to training and experience they have a full range of the special tools (such as plug followers, decoders, and catch tools) for all the leading brands.

Re-keying is almost always cheaper than a lock change.  And you can keep existing door knob, handle, and deadbolt sets for a perfect match to your home or business decor.

Extra Benefits of Re-Keying

It’s very economical to include a few tricks of the trade to reap even more benefits.

  • Cleaning, lubrication, and replacing worn pins and springs restores reliable operation and extends the hardware’s lifetime.
  • We can master key your home or business so that one key works in all doors.
  • We can remove master key pins so a developer’s master key no longer works.

Why Choose A to Z?

Serving Toronto and surrounding areas since 2009, we’re experts in rekeying doorknobs, deadbolts, and padlocks.  Our residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services do things right — 80% of our business comes from return customers and referrals.  In most cases we’ll give you a flat up-front price or a limited price range together with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We’re bonded, fully licensed, and maintain a total of $2 million in insurance coverage.

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