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Why Automatic Doors?

When you’re walking out of a business with your arms full of grocery bags or recently purchased merchandise, you probably don’t even notice the sheer convenience of those automatic doors that open with the simple step of your foot or pressing of a button. However, you’d probably notice the lack of automatic doors if you had to juggle to open one on your own. Customers and clients love the convenience and ease of using automatic doors and businesses can gain lots of traction by having them installed. Automatic doors are smart for any business and they’re a good investment for a number of reasons.

Automatic Doors for the Handicapped

Automatic doors are important for businesses that desire to make their premises handicapped-friendly. Those who rely on automatic doors for physical reasons can often have an extremely difficult time trying to get through the non-automatic doors. All business and companies who experience face-to-face encounters with customers must be able to cater to those who use wheelchairs, canes, crutches, motorized carts, and any other device or apparatus to aid in movement. If your business cannot be conveniently entered by those who deal with disabilities and injuries, you run the risk of losing valuable customers. Whether you choose to install automatic doors that open via motionsense, step sense, or the pressing of a button, you definitely won’t regret your decision.

Automatic Doors for Saving Energy

Did you know that having automatic doors installed in your business’ entrances and exits can actually help lower your energy costs? Often, with doors that have to be pushed or pulled open by your customers, you run the risk of a door being propped or simply left open. If you have an automatic door, you can guarantee that your entrances are never left open and that there’s no need for them to be propped open. Depending on the kind of automatic door that you choose, you could save a small fortune on heating and cooling.

When people see that your business is equipped with automatic doors, they can note that you have invested in customer convenience and are concerned with the needs of the handicapped. Not only does this impress your patrons, it establishes your business as a professional establishment in their minds.

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